Welcome Session

Director, Professor Sudhir K Jain, and Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Amit Prashant addressed the students. It was hoped that students will make maximum use of of the resources at IIT Gandhinagar, and that the SRIP experience will be a life-changing one. The welcome session was followed by the first lecture of the SRIP Lecture Series by Professor K. Chelvakumar.

Solar Book Launch

The group of SRIP interns led by Professor K. Chelvakumar published a book entitled “Solar Power in India: Past, Present and 2022”. Professor Juzer Vasi from IIT Bombay was the chief guest of the book launch ceremony. 

SRIP Lecture Series

Following the first Lecture by Professor Chelvakumar, there were four sessions as part of the SRIP Lecture Series. Professor Svetlana Brzev talked about the large-scale confined masonry construction on the campus. Mr. Manish Jain led the hands-on toy making sessions. Professor Harish PM explained some of the special features of the IIT Gandhinagar campus.

Poster Session

SRIP interns presented their work at the end of the program. Best posters were identified based on the recommendations of the a panel of judges.


A mini Halla Bol session was organized, with rules of conventional games modified. Each participating team comprised of interns from IIT Gandhinagar and outside IIT Gandhinagar.